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I am a member of the Espoo City Council, welcome to my homepage!
My specialities in politics are social politics and health. I am also interested in educational matters and the environment.
Espoo should take care of its people. I want an Espoo where anyone in need gets help in time. An Espoo where inequalities in health and between areas are tackled. In my Espoo there are enough parks and forests: the nature is not overruled by urbanization.
The city should invest in parent and baby services, school health care and family services (like home help and family counseling). Daycare, schools and health centers should be close to people. Espoo needs to provide enough support to elderly persons living at home.
Some of the biggest challenges in Espoo in the coming years are public health care, elderly care, prevention of youth exclusion and segregation of residential areas, integration of immigrants (raising of immigrant employment rate) and the economical situation of municipalities as the demography changes. I want to be part of finding solutions to these issues.
I work in an NGO developing peer support and volunteer activities. Earlier I have worked as project manager in the Finnish Association for Mental Health, as a secretary for social politic affairs in TKY Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology, as a trainee in the office of the Ombudsman In Argentina, as a social work volunteer in Peru and in Espoo city as a teacher. I have a Master’s degree from University of Helsinki. I have studied for example domestic literature, social psychology, educational science and development studies.